Lost Time Found Again

A selection of restored and new copies

In this digital age, with its refined restoration techniques and many different ways of accessing films, we should not lose sight of the importance of the work done by the various film heritage players on the preservation, protection and restoration of films. Film archives, studios and production companies treat their heritage with care and restore the works in their catalogue to their original beauty, using the most advanced digital technology. This means that a selection of great restorations from across the world, launched this year, are available for the public to discover.

In addition to this, distributors specialized in film heritage promotion distribute numerous films from the history of filmmaking, giving them a new lease of life on French cinema screens.


Here are a few films for you to discover, in restored or new versions:

Le Voyage dans la lune directed by Georges Méliès (1902), Restored by Lobster Films, la Fondation Groupama Gan & la Fondation Technicolor.

Lumière d’été directed by Jean Grémillon (1943), Restored by SNC.

Les Enfants du Paradis directed by Marcel Carné (1945), Restored by Pathé & la Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé.



Ramrod directed by André De Toth (1947), Restored by par Wildside.

La macchina ammazzacattivi directed by Roberto Rossellini (1952), Restored by Cinecittà Luce, CSC-Cineteca Nazionale, Cineteca di Bologna & Coproduction Office.

Park Row directed by Samuel Fuller (1952), new copy by Théâtre du Temple.



Hadaka no shima directed by Kaneto Shindô (1960), Restored by Wildside.

L’assassino directed by Elio Petri (1961), Restored by Il Museo nazionale del cinema di Torino with the collaboration of Cineteca di Bologna.


I giorni contati d'Elio Petri (1962), Restored by Il Museo nazionale del cinema di Torino with the collaboration of Cineteca di Bologna.

Hudutlarin Kanunu directed by Akad Lüfti (1966), Restored by World Cinema Foundation.


La Horse de Pierre Granier-Deferre (1970), Restored by SNC.

Puzzle of a Downfall Child directed by Jerry Schatzberg (1970), new copy by Carlotta Films.

Young Frankenstein directed by Mel Brooks (1974), new copy by Splendor Films.

Le Sauvage directed by Jean-Paul Rappeneau (1975), Restored by la Cinémathèque française.



The Plague Dogs directed by Martin Rosen (1982), animation Film (unpublished work), new copy by Splendor Films.




Les Enfants du Paradis directed by Marcel Carné (1945)



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