Kevin Brownlow


To celebrate the publishing of his book The Parade’s Gone By (La Parade est passée, Institut Lumiere/Actes Sud with a preface by Philippe Garnier) translated for the first time into French, at the end of October, the English historian Kevin Brownlow has been invited to the festival, to include projections, a round table and a conference. His two documentaries on Charlie Chaplain (Unknown Chaplin, 1933) and Buster Keaton (Keaton, a Hard Act to Follow, 1987) will be projected. He will also present Rex Ingram’s The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921) at a film-concert in the Lyon Auditorium.

Kevin Brownlow began his film career as a producer of documentaries, then as editor. He co-directed two films, It Happened Here (1964) and Winstanley (1975) with Andrew Mollo.
A lover of silent films, he launched a series of interviews with great stars from the beginning of filmmaking, which was to give birth to his book The Parade’s Gone By … in 1968. Following on from this remarkable work he was asked to direct a television series on the beginnings of Hollywood. Other documentaries on silent film were to follow, including the key documentaries on Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. Kevin Brownlow also began the huge task of restoring silent films, and it is to him that we owe the wonderful copy of Abel Gance’s Napolen, presented for the first time at the 1980 London Film Festival, with live musical accompaniment by Carl Davis.

At the end of the eighties Kevin Brownlow, his loyal coworker David Gill and Patrick Stanbury, another great lover of cinema, created Photoplay.
A new series of restorations came out, including Rex Ingram’s The Four Horsemen of Revelation in 1992.
Photoplay Productions is now one of the most active organisations involved in promoting silent films.

A tribute, at which Kevin Brownlow and Patrick Stanbury will be present.




Les Quatre cavaliers de l’Apocalypse

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