Les Toiles Enchantées


Lumière 2011 is working closely with Toiles Enchantées, the association created by Gisèle Tsobanian and chaired by Alain Chabat. The aim of the association is to organise film screenings in paediatric hospitals and centres specialising in the care of sick and handicapped children and teenagers.

As Alain Chabat says, “when children can’t go to the cinema, the cinema should go to them.”

The Festival and Toiles Enchantées are jointly organising a showing of Yves Robert’s War of the Boutons (La Guerre des Boutons) on Wednesday 5th October at 3 p.m. at the Bron Mother and Child Hospital.

Around forty children and teenagers in the General Paediatrics Department and their families will therefore be able to discover a film classic on wide screen at the very moment when it is screened in the Tony Garnier Hall.




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