Martin Scorsese on William A. Wellman.

"During the trouble-filled years before the application of the Hays code and the coming into force of rigid censorship, some films were able to testify to the reality of the age, particularly Warner dramas such as  Wild Boys on the Road and Heros For Sale directed by William Wellman. Wild Boys on the Road was dedicated to teenagers who were forced to leave their home to find work because their parents had lost theirs during the Crisis. The Railway inspectors constantly harassed them and sometimes treated them violently. The social and political context was broadly outlined in them but these dramas were contemporary, urgent and poignant. “Wild Bill” Wellman was similar in temperament to homeless teenagers with their wandering lifestyle and fight against authority. He tended to sympathize with dropouts and rebels."

Martin Scorsese – A Journey Through American Cinema

"Pop music has the potential to give films a strength and a dynamism that were missing before. One of the most striking examples is in Public Enemy where William Wellman chose to use contemporary music rather than using an orchestrated score. An example of this is the perpetual chorus I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles, which creates a feeling of icy irony, as it constantly returns to terribly violent images."



"Public Enemy or James Cagney’s electrifying power. A major influence: the use of contemporary music – music that we listen to every day – and not the usual musical score."

Martin Scorsese - Things I enjoy in cinema



William A.Wellman Retrospective at Lumière 2011


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